By nuna almond - September 05, 2020

 Hai and assalamualaikum everyone !

 Sorry for going away for a while and didn't post anything on this blog for the past few weeks . I had been doing some final touch up of preparation for my uni thingy . So , it's been quite a hectic week for me and of course i didn't get the chance to spend my time on this blog .

But now , here i am! Finally i've got the free time fuhh . There're so many things i wanna share with yall .Keep reading if you wanna know how my new life was like :)

So , i had entered IPBA on 1st Sept , and now it's already 5th ! We had an orientation week for about 3 days . That 3 days are really packed . We're handled by JPP and the situation was almost the same as when i first enter high school back then . If you know you know lah haa . For those who study in boarding school before this they will know what kind of situation that i was saying . Not gonna mention it here .

Alhamdulillah the orientation week had finish successfully and now everything had go back to normal . Now it's weekend! Hohoho . So , i've got the free time now . I got the time to organize myself back to normal . Basuh baju , gosok baju , unpacking ... 

The class with lecturer didn't start yet so i've got nothing to say about the class ... It started next week! but my mind still didn't get in place . 

It's a relieve since i major in French , i will not have so many assignments to complete wuhuuu . So kita relax2 je heeeee .

The house is really nice ! I love it ! It's big , have 5 rooms and a toilet in each room . Pantry also! Washing machine on each block! Coway! Lift! i'm really love it ( heart eyes )

Of course la at first , i feel homesick on the first day . Ye la kena tinggal dengan parents kan dah la duduk jauh...sob sob...But only on the first day laa . Now i'm fine ! Seriously i'm fine . When you're already cope with the new surroundings you'll be okay . Find friends . Don't break the rules ( it's not as strict as highschool but due to that CORONA  it became quite complicated ) . 

We are now being quarantine for 14 days before we can go outing and meet the visitors . It's already day 5 ! Yeayy ! Cepat je 14 hari tu . pejam celik pejam celik nanti eh dah habis kuarantin .

Hmm i think thats all for now . Nanti i update lagi okie . Thanks for reading :D

Here is the scenery up from my house

Really2 near to Stadium Hoki KL

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