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By nuna almond - November 15, 2020


( pic from pinterest ,, obviously not mine :p )

Assalamualaikum and annyeong yeorobun ! I'm still alive yall baru bangun dari tidur yang panjang and baru sedar yang dah lama tak update post dekat blog ni , blog walking pun dah jarang buat ish3 :( I'm salut laa to those yang always consistent in updating blog . Bagi la tips sikit hehe . So up until now i don't wanna make a pinky promise whether i'll update post weekly , monthly , daily or anything else . But i hope there're still some of you yg baca post about my boring life ni :3 .

Hmm , i have a new hobby lately , which is i already started my small business ! Dulu dalam angan2 je acah nak start buka business sendiri and always gave excuses . Takde modal la , takut tak laku lah , takut kawan2 tak support la , taknak ambik risiko and so on laa ... Too many excuses .. and one day I started to realise that i should make a move . Make my dream into reality with actions not hoping only . 

So yeahh alhamdulillah on September i think , i started to sell shawls and bawals . At first i only sell around my campus only cause susah nak keluar pergi post barang musim2 korona ni bila dekat kampus but now since PKP started again , i sell my shawls on ig and postage all around Malaysia :) 

Biasalah kan adat berbusiness kadang2 ada naik , banyak order masuk , kawan ramai support and of course ada juga masa down kita , produk tak laku , penat nak promote tapi sale tak berubah2 , rugi dan banyak lagi laa . But then i realised this is the way to make me stronger , to make me more independent and usaha berlipat kali ganda lagi , cari banyak lagi ilmu . "You can't have a rainbow without a little rain" right ? So make sure for others owner of small business out there , never give up on what you do cause you're almost there . Remember why you started . Remember your big why .

So , tulah my new hobby hehe . I enjoyed doing this , buat tutorial , buat challenge fashion and banyak lagi laa . Dulu memang dah lama nak buat semua ni tapi hmm macam tiber je kan nak post tutorial tudung dekat main acc , followers dah la ciput je HAHAHAHAH but at least now i have the reason to post it :) 

Kadang2 ada la rasa penat nak buat semua ni , asyik2 kena make up then buat tutorial sebab everyday kena post kan . Harapnya konsisten la lepas ni ... My target for next two years is to have an assistant and agent or dropship cause insyaAllah on the next two years i won't be here for quite long time ( if Corona slow down ) but i still want my small business ongoing .. and perhaps on that time it already became a big business not small dahh , pray for me huhuu .

p/s : If you guys wanna buy shawls or bawals come visit my igshop : @nunallure   heeeeee , thank you for reading :D love yall :p

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  1. all the best dear for ur business!
    Biasa la tu turun naik..kita jadi dropship je mampu..hehe
    tu pun tenggelam timbul dengan covid ni kan,org mne beli sngt

  2. Wahh hehehe all the best for your business. Btw, da follow igshop awak. Semoga dimurahkan rezekii ;)

  3. good luck on ur business!! kai start jd dropship kejap, tp tak cukup sabar utk post hari2 😂

  4. Semoga diluaskan pintu rezeki awak sis! :)

  5. Good luck for your bussiness, dont give up :)

  6. goodluck and all the best okay . Hppefully what u wanted bcome real . Betul lah theres no rainbow w/o lil rain

  7. "You can't have a rainbow without a little rain" love this one! Goodluck and all the best for your busines!

  8. jom join giveaway saya