By nuna almond - August 16, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hi ! 
Welcome back to this small yet cute blog 😉 

 So yeah ! As you can see the title for today is another tips from me on how i stay awake during class . I will put all the tips that i’ve given and soon to be given on the menu tab okie 👌🏻 so that it will be easier for you guys to search for them . 

 Without wasting time let’s get started ! 

 1.  Make sure to have a good and quality sleep in the night 

 A good and quality sleep can help you recharge back your energy during night , so that you’ll be able to perform well on the next day . For students , we are advices to sleep 6-7 hours per day . But as for hostel students , i really2 understand if you haven’t have enough 6-7 hours of sleep .

 Since i’m also the hostel students , i know the schedule was super-duper packed like crazy ! Sometimes , the early time I go to bed was 11.30 pm at least since prep class end at 10.00 pm , then we go for solat Isyak , recite the Quran and finish tons of homework that need to be submit tomorrow 🤟🏻

 So , in this case , it doesn’t matter if you haven’t sleep in the required total of time , the matter is whether your sleep is a quality sleep or not . 🤷🏻‍♀️ Even if you only sleep for 4 hours , but your sleep is in quality , you’ll be fine and insyaAllah you will wake up energetically . So how can I get a good and quality sleep ? Click here ! I’ve already wrote one . 

 2.  Prepare a big bottle of plain water beside you 

 Plain water can supply oxygen from its H2O to your brain . Make sure you have your own water bottle because it’s the best rather than sharing with your friends . So you’ll be like , all of this water is mine~~ 😍 

 When you’re yawning , actually it doesn’t because you’re really sleepy or tired or the class isn’t fun , it’s actually because your brain demand oxygen . So , whenever you feel like yawning , drink a few sips of plain water until you feel awake again . Simple right ? 😉 

 3.  Be active in class 

 Always respond to your teachers if they’re asking question to class . Even though you don’t know the answer just give it a try . Your teacher doesn’t eat you right if the answer is wrong . And also ask the teacher in class if you’re not understand . Create many question before class and ask the teacher during class . Make the teacher notice you . 

Be fully absorb in the class . Don’t be an invisible student ( the one that always quiet during class ) . Surely , this is really effective guys , you should give it a try if you never done this . Plus , i’ll be really happy when teacher started to notice me and i’ll became more excited to get in the class . So , it’ll never be boring . Hence , you won’t be able to sleep during class again . 

 4. Learn the topic before the class start

 If you learn the topic before the class start , you’ll understand more what the teacher teach . Pendek kata , you’ll not lost in class . Every single thing of the lesson , you’ll see the main point , even though you see the surface only . The class will be more interesting when you know and understand what you learn . So , you'll never have time to become sleepy .

Thats all for the tips . Hope these can help you guys a lot .
Thanks for reading :D

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  1. It's a good tips.I also love to be active in class as i sometimes feeling sleepy.

    1. thank you ! Yesss that one was really helpful to avoid feeling sleepy

  2. I sit in front of the class haha

    1. Sometimes the one yg sit in front of the teacher la yg paling teacher tak perasan tidur kan kan hahahahaha

  3. Replies
    1. Yeahhh me too ! Penuh kulit coklat dalam pencil case