By nuna almond - August 01, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone !

Today is the second day of eid adha and i'm here writing this entry to update the blog .

Actually for me only the first day of eid is the busy day and the day after , it's all like an ordinary day . Especially during this kind of season my family and i didn't visit people . Stay at home is the best .

So , what did you guys do during this year's eid ? 

I think for this year , eid adha was like a second chance for us to celebrate eid in a normal way . Since the rules are quite loose rather than eid fiti . For example , during eid adha , people now are allowed to go to the mosque to perform solat hari raya even though only men and in small amount .

Other than that , people are allowed to rentas negeri balik kampung  , compare to eid fitri we just allowed to wandering in the state and for the first day of raya only .

There was nothing special for me for this year of hari raya aidil adha . It's still the same as the years before .

I woke up early , wearing my baju raya ( reuse je jubah2 lama ) and matchy2 with tudung . Waiting for my father and brother in law to finish solat hari raya . After that we eat nasi minyak and headed to the town .

I'm quite sad laa because my sisters can't came by because they're still on their way home from KL . (cause i didn't talk lot to people ; not an introvert but hmm how do we say...
So , it's only my parents and I .

We started to visit my father's town first and then move on to my mother's .
I didn't take a lot of pic that day , just a few selfie i think .

Here , a few of my Hari Raya Aidil Adha photos 

( Syok sendiri but i love today’s make up 😘 ) 

( Family potrait just 3 of us 😢 )

Ok thats all for today’s entry . Thanks for reading 😁
Don’t mind , share yours too in the comment section below .


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