By nuna almond - August 12, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!
Rasa macam dah lama dah tak tulis entry heeeee...So here i'll write one ^_^

Actually , since tinggal lagi kurang sebulan sebelum diri ini berangkat ke alam universiti . i've been quite busy to prepare mentally and physically . Oh ! before that , i think i'll talk campur2 here like malay + english = manglish . depends on my mood hehe . Can ah ? 

To be honest , i memang nak tulis in malay but i don't know how to bahasakan diri i hehe ... i mean it should be 'aku' ? 'saya' ? 'nuna' ? kalau bahasakan aku macam kasar , saya macam nerd sangat hahahaha , myself calling my nickname also don't seem right ..

That's why i prefer to write in english more . Sebab english we use 'I' hehehe . Plus , i can improve my english and other bloggers can understand what i want to express too , contoh kalau blogger tu dari luar Malaysia of course english laa kan .

Uhm , and yeahh , now i just wanna write casually , english ke malay ke campur je la kann apa susah hahahah . 

 Actually i wanna share my new favourite blog to learn French .

Just in case you guys wanna know how i learn  french by myself at home and if you guys wanna know how french looks like ^_^

But i guess i should write it on the next post laa , sebab rasa macam panjang je nanti kalau masukkan terus dekat post ni . So stay tune for my next post yeahh :D

Ok , thats all . Thanks for reading here .

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  1. just go on with whatever suits you. i'll be happy to read no matter which you choose to use. ^^