stuck for a month

By nuna almond - October 08, 2020

 Hai assalamualaikum . It's been a long time right ? Today i brave myself to write an entry for the sake of this precious blog :) 

Actually there are so many to tell , so many to write but if there are toooo many,i become toooo lazyy hehe . 

It's been a month already since i step into uni-life .. and until now i didn't go home yet .. yeah yall know right at our covid cases are increasing again drastically and there're few schools and university were closed due to this thingy :(

It's so sad to hear about the amount of cases and death we have everyday .. we just have to avoid being infected as much as we can like always .. and it's so sad to hear rumbling of people all over social media about  "why didn't do pkp like before" , "just give us holiday" , "we want go back home" , "just do pkp before things getting worse" .

I'm sad and at the same time i'm annoyed with them , like, you just think about yourself , your own sake and not others . What about the poors ? The one who might have tendency to loose their job again ? The economy in our country had already affected due to the past pkp yet there're still people who ask for pkp again without thinking far :(

I found these pic on twitter and i find it really have a deep meaning ...

Alright that's all for today ! insyaAllah i'll be more rajin and force myself to write an entry at least a post a week and do many blogwalking . 

I'm quite surprise to see my folowers are increasing after a quite long hiatus although it didn't much laa hehe btw tq so much for following this blog ! Love you all . and oh yeahh i'm actually more active on instagram so yeahh follow me on ig too ehekk;menyempat :D

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  1. may Allah ease everything. doakan kaella dekat sabah :(

    1. stay safe kaella , insyaAllah everything's gonna be okay :)

  2. salam singgah dan follow disini ya :)

  3. biasanya yg cakap nk pkp semula ni budak sekolah ahaha. saya rasa mcm sekarang ni pun dh cukup sebenarnya, hanya tutup kawasan yg affected sahaja. area saya zon merah so skrg wfh jelah

    1. tu la , dia ingat senang ke kalau pkp balik , tpi dah pkp dah pun hmmm ,stay safe yer :)