How to deal with insecurity

By nuna almond - July 29, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! Hope you're in a good mood today :)

So i've made a question on my instagram on what to write next on this blog and yeahh as you can see the title "Insecurity" . I'm not so good in handling insecurity too but i think i should talk about this since i've seen my friends facing it and some of them are in a high level of insecurity .

Its okay . It's a normal thing if you do have a feeling of insecurity . I talk this based on my opinion la ye . But ,don't over-feeling . It's a harm to yourself . Love yourself first so that you'll never hurt .

For me , insecurity is an opposite word from confident . If you have insecurity , you don't have confident . So , if you have confident , you'll never feel insecure . The point is to find your confident . Ooo senang ah cakap suruh jadi konfiden , diri dia dah memang konfiden takpe laa . No..everyone have insecurity in themselves . If they don't , then it might be a crazy person .

So the best thing to handle insecurity is to do the opposite . Means to be confident .

I know there are some people out there who insecure with their face , their body , their action and many more . No one else can handle it except you yourself .

 If you insecure with your face , then put some effort so that you'll be satisfied . If you're insecure with your body then work for it until you achieve your dream goals . If you're insecure with your action , always think that you belong to yourself not everyone else . ( aceceyyy ni petikan script dari kdrama ni #ytjt )

So yeahh , i think i'm not the best person to talk about this because i think i'm a confident person . I have also insecurity but confidence is more in myself . 

I think i became more confident whenever i try to go out of my comfort zone . Step by step .

For example , since i've been involved in dropshipping and i've to promote my products , so i have to be open . I have to talk to everyone and convince them to buy my products , do my own testimony , a video of me talking about the benefits and so on .

Without i realize , actually it has boost my self-confidence :)

Also do talk to mirror always and of course appreciate yourself first before anyone else 
Thank you for spending your time .

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  1. yes indeed self confident makes u as better person , sometimes we couldnt gain directly but seek for it by our own .

    1. Yesss ! So true but not everyone realize it :(