40 days left

By nuna almond - July 22, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone ! πŸ˜„

There are still 40 days left for me before going to uni and start a new life . I’m quite excited..nope . I’m really excited . Excited to meet new friends , new environment and face the reality of life . 

But deep in my excitement there is a small worry . Like really i’ll step into uni-life ? How fast time flies ... i’m still feeling like a 8 years old girl hahahahh .

So , since there is like a month and more left , i wanted to polish my skill in French back by revising them but i’m so lazy to do it 😩 . Yeahh for those who know me they always see the hardworking side of me and they will be like “sejak bila je mu malas” πŸ˜‘ .

Girls , i told ya , kerajinan tu datang kadang2 je and sometimes in a short period only :) btw thank you for always seeing the good side of me ❤️

During quarantine , i started to learn Hangeul ( Korean alphabet ) all by myself through apps and youtube because i thought that i’ll go to Korea 😒 sob sob . Hahaha never mind , sis dah reda .

And now , since i will pursue in French , i’ve to focus on this one and leave Hangeul 😒 i hope i can do both because i love to learn Hangeul although there is no need but it’s ‘chaemissoyo’(interesting) . But then i’m afraid that i’ll ‘loklak’ if i learn both at the same time .

Since 40 days left , there is so much time left right ?hahahahh so i’ve decided to enjoy my time at home by watching kdramas and sleeping a lot because after this , there is no more such time 😌✊🏻

And not to forget , settling all of the documents needed laa before i laghaa again . But don’t rush , take time .πŸ˜™✌🏻
Enjoy every precious time you have even though macam nak muntah dh duduk rumah lama sangat .

To all my friends who’ve started their uni session either online class or physical class and to those who will start real soon , i wish you goodluck and all the best 🌟❤️

Ok thats all for today 
Thanks for reading :D

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