My first make up brand ever 😝

By nuna almond - July 11, 2020

Hi everyone ! Back then i’m so lazy and didn’t have much knowledge about make up . Just skincare only tu pun sunscreen tak pakai πŸ˜‚ everytime i went out from house or at school . Seriously , if i think about my past , i’m super duper selekeh πŸ˜”πŸ€ŸπŸ»

For me , like yeahh who cares about your looks or maybe let me be natural beauty kahkahkah 🀣 . That thought made me confident to go out without any make up .

But after my highschool ended last year , i started to learn about make up like it comes to me naturally tau bukan sebab terpaksa or anything , just naturally . 

So i learn laaa through ig and youtube . Biasalah kan fitrah perempuan sukakan benda yang cantik lawa and ofcourse not and never for men . Then makin lama i’m willing to try to make up my face but i didn’t have any tools and make up to do so . 

So here i’m gonna share with you guys about my first make up brand ever and all of them are from drugstore because it’s easy to get and at reasonable price .

My first make up ever is this lipmatte . Out of from all make up i choose lipmatte first πŸ˜‚ . The brand is in2it . The colour is nice very pigmented but senang tertanggal i mean kalau makan or minum dah hilang warna dia . But always love this lipmatte because i didn’t have any lipmatte or lipstick back then πŸ˜‚ .

This is the best item so far from my first make up items . The pallete from in2it . I really really like this pallete because it is multipurpose . It can be as eyeshadow , blusher , bronzer , highlighter and eyebrow definer . So jimat ! hihi really2 recommended for beginner . Warna dia for me quite pigmented laa . ✌🏻

I love this one also . Foundation from silkygirl . Coverage dia low to medium coverage . Serious best foundation ni for beginner . Tapi make sure code sesuai dengan warna kulit kita laa kalau tak dia jadi kelabu . This one i bought the wrong code sebab main pilih je hihi :p Dia ada 4 colours code and the last one which is code 04 suits my skin well . I think it will suit for asian skin . πŸ˜‰

This concealer is frome Maybelline . I don’t really like it because it’s concealler with corrector . So dia half2 . I didn’t use so much corrector . Tah la kenapa beli yg ni dulu πŸ˜… . Belah concealler dah habis tinggal bahagian corrector je banyak . I suggest for those yg tak banyak parut jerawat or redness dekat face tak perlu beli yg sekali dengan corrector ni 😌 . Tapi best je concealler dia tapi cam rugi laa sebab sekali dengan corrector tapi tak guna . 

Thats all yg i beli masa first2 belajar make up dulu . At the moment still i have so many to learn . I didn’t say that i’ve move to another level πŸ˜‚ , still beginner . 

Other make up such as primer , mascara , eyeliner and macam2 lagi tu , i don’t buy em at first because i don’t know they’re also basic πŸ˜‚ so yeahh i just use three of the items back then . Now dah berkembang dah sikit2 , dah beli mascara , eyeliner and macam2 lagi tu .

So yeahhh , thats all for today’s entry . Stay tune for more and kasi komen la satu kali hihi 😸✊🏻 


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  1. Try la lip tint in2it pulak! Serious best!! Hehehe<3 cant wait for your next writing!😍😚

    1. InsyaAllah mmg tgh mencari liptint pun ni , hihi stay tune for more !! πŸ€—

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