Why I didn't choose Korea

By nuna almond - July 18, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!
May all of you have a great day today :)

Its been a while since UPU results came out . If you follow this blog from the beginning , on the first post from this blog , I told that i really wanna further studies in Korea and alhamdulillah there is an opportunity for me to make it comes true since i've got the MARA scholarship to further studies in computer science and engineering in Korea .

But there are few reasons why i choose not to go and go on with my UPU results which is IPG . Of course it is a hard decision for me to make and to accept . But after all , indeed Allah is the best planner after all .

Since the beginning , when the UPU results came out , everyone in my family really glad that i've got ipg since my parents want me to be a teacher . On that time , MARA results didn't came out yet .

Then after few weeks , the results came out but all of my family still ask me to go to IPG  . At that time , only Allah knows one feels when nobody support your decision :( Then , i consoled my parents about it a few times , I asked counselor , teachers ,friends and most of them asked me to do Solat Istikharah .

And i do it ! I do it until i get the answers . Actually before this i've never do Solat Istikharah since i think this is my first time in my life where I had to choose the best one to determine my future . So , at first i didn't know how the answers will be reveal . Then , i macam started to accept laa yg i will go to ipg and become a teacher instead of engineer . I think that is how the answer of Solat Istikharah .

However , a few days before the deadline to submit the MARA offer , i jadi berbelah bagi semula . I thought that maybe that is not the answer of my istikharah . I thought that i yg force myself to accept everyone's opinion not from myself naturally .

So , i convinced lagi my parents and finallly they gave their blessings . So , apa lagi i really2 happy at that time and terus tekan button accept .

It didn't end here...After i checked all of the documents , Surat Tawaran and macam2 lagi tu , the total of yuran pengajian sepanjang 6 tahun is almost half million ringgit !! It's 400 something i think . Although it is sponsored , i still have to pay back the money to Mara even not all but still .

For example , even if I've got the top scorer in every semester and graduated in the first class , i still have to pay about 83 thousand rgit like that . Compare to ipg , i only have to pay for the yuran pendaftaran and all are free throughout 6 years of pengajian . Dah la dapat elaun setiap bulan ! Asrama free ! Kerja ? ofcourse lebih terjamin .

So , since money involved , i started to think more than twice . Like , i don't know whether computer science suits me or not sebab tak pernah belajar kan . Then , what if i cannot go with this course , and what if i can't get the job relating to this course in the future . I think it will be a huge waste of money . Plus , after graduated i've to face debt .

Then , i realize that this is really not the best for me . Maybe ipg is the best since everyone happy , the pros and cons are all toward ipg . And thats it . That is the answer of my istikharah where Allah permudahkan jalan kita untuk capai sesuatu perkara .

Although it's hurt at first , you'll be grateful . Although things didn't go as you wanted , trust Him . He know better than you :)

Alhamdulillah thank you Allah for everything ! After you reda , you'll be happier !

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  1. inspirine one indeed my nuna �� InshaAllah something good for you in future.

  2. kalau result teruk, fail to graduate berapa RM kena bayar balik?

  3. In Shaa Allah,wishing the best for you alwaysπŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️πŸ™†πŸ»‍♀️

  4. Awak ambik course apa ?? And ipg tu kt mana ye

    1. Course french , ipg bhasa antarabangsa lembah pantai

  5. Indeed He knows better than us wishing the best for you nuna!!

  6. goodluck naz xpe korea tu nnti g jalan bwk family sekali lagi syokkk 😍