Skincare steps for Muslim

By nuna almond - July 17, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone ! 

Currently i’m writing this entry at my village ✌🏻

Actually before this i’ve talked about this but it’s a basic one .
This version is more compact i think . So yeah! Let’s move on to the topic !

First of all cleanser ( pencuci muka ) . Choose the one that suit your skin type or else you might face breakout . For example , gel type cleanser for oily skin , foam type cleanser for dry skin . Wash your face atleast 2 times a day and atmost 3 times a day . Once in the morning and once before sleep . 😴

After cleanser , move on to the toner . Apply amount on the cotton wool or on clean hand and then damp all around your face . Before choosing toner , make sure the ingredients are free from alcohol . πŸ₯°

Next is serum . This step isn’t compulsory but serum make sure to protect your skin well from damage . It makes your face firmer as the texture is quite thick . 

Then , move on to moisturizer . This helps to lock the moisturizer on your face . Of course it’s important to retain your face moisturize . You should also choose your moisturizer that suit your skin . For example , for oily skin it’s better to have water-based type moisturizer rather than cream moisturizer so that your face not become sticky and more oily .

The last step is....the most important one , if you not apply this it’s a waste your steps before . Of course it’s sunscreen . Before this i always skip this step πŸ˜… because i thought that we have to clean our face using micellar water or wet tissue before solat since it stated in every sunscreen is water resistant . 

So , i finally figure out that suncreen such as Biorè , Yadah and Hada Labo is not water resistant!! So , you can just wash your face with water only without cleanser or micellar water or whatever laa and boleh terus ambik wuduk .

Although there’s still sunscreens that’s water resistant but we don’t use it in everyday life . Usually the water resistant one is used by swimmers or any activity that involves water .

And now you’re set !

Make sure to always keep your skin hydrated by applying all of these things everytime after solat . But if you can tahan before next waktu you tahan la πŸ˜… . For example , Zohor you apply your skincare until the last step then tunggu sampai Asar terus . So , tak payah apply dah . 😊

I’m not the skin expert , still working on my face that cause chaos whenever they want πŸ˜… . Because there are so many things to handle when it comes to face . Just a sharing from me to all of you from what i’ve watched and learnt from youtube .😬✌🏻

Sometimes even dah jaga betul2 jaga pun still breakout jugak sebab hormone and other factors that can’t be avoided . So it’s normal la . Everyone have problem themselves . 

Okie thats all muahhh 😘

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