my rajin day :p

By nuna almond - July 09, 2020

Today is a clean day for me . I unpacked all the old stuff from the bags which contain my baju2 lama πŸ˜… not only mine laa there are also my siblings punya . Banyak gila baju2 lama yang masa kecik2 dulu dalam beg guni tuu . I guess maybe there are 10 bags ... or less 

Surely issa tiring day for me 😌 but okaylah daripada tak buat apa2 kan hihi . The aim is to reorganize those things and sort yang mana yang masih nk pakai yg mana nak bagi orang yg mana nk buang . So biasalah kan usha2 barang lama masa kecik2 dulu , the memories of childhood will come back ,, like awhh this one my tadika punya uniform , this seluar yg koyak sebab jatuh ats jalan dulu , this one yg masa pergi lawatan sekolah dulu ☺️ Awhh how i miss those good old days .

Mostly the clothes are still in good condition but dusty a little bit laaa because its been a long time since one wear it . So,my mother and I are in dilema , hmm nk buang sayang tapi tak tau nk kat bagi siapa . If anyone have any idea on where to distribute all of these clothes pls let me know ok πŸ˜‰ . 

While godek2 those clothes , i found a few clothes and scarves which is my mom’s yg still boleh pakai although it’s a little bit classic-look 😬 . I dono laa i think i love baju and tudung yg ada corak2 macam orang dulu2 selalu pakai tu . So yeahh , i can bring em to uni hihihi ... so jimat xpayah beli baru . Kann zaman sekarang kan style la pakai baju or tudung yg corak macam zaman dulu2 tu 😚 .

Finally i managed to complete sorting all those stuff after 3 hours working on it and now the problem is where to distribute all those clothes hmmm πŸ€” pls let me know okπŸ‘ŒπŸ»If you’re my acquaintances just slide to dm and if i dono you you guys can leave the comment below ok ✌🏻Don’t be shy shy cat i love to read comments but there aren’t any 😹 . 

Ok thats all from me for today’s entry :D

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  1. i need to see more!!! 🀩🀩

  2. Hihi thank you πŸ₯° stay tune for more !!

  3. u should sell it as preloved items on ig!��