By nuna almond - August 13, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone ! 

I think i have to postpone the sharing of the French Blog that i've been told in the past post , because i have and i must give this one a review first!!!

I currently just finish watching Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo .
And all i've got to say is,,this kdrama is seriously! a masterpiece...Please watch it if you guys haven't watch it yet . And don't call yourself a kdrama lover if you don't watch this one .

The storyline is based on the real event happened in Goryeo era in Korea . And of course they've added a few .

So , this drama is about a girl in her 20 ( Go Ha Jin ) , that travel to the past by mistake and she have wake up from Lady Hae Soo body . There ( in Goryeo era ) , she have met the princes of the founder of the land ( Taejo Wang Geon ) . She have no idea on how she had been travelling to Goryeo era , and since her present life didn't go as she want ,  she insist on living a happy life in Goryeo .

However , so many challenges awaits her . 

This drama gives me laugh at the first few episodes , tense on certain episode and of course cry as much as i can on the remaining episode . Like , there are so many things happen and i cannot laa aaaa . Saya hati tisu :(

The ending is freakingly sad and i need...please...season 2 .
The kdrama is in 2016 but now is already 2020 and still no season 2.....

Oh yeahh ,  and the casts are :
Lee Joon Gi ( Wang So )
Le Ji Eun ( Hae Soo )
Kang Ha Neul ( Wang Wook )
Hong Jong Hyun ( Wang Yo )
Nam Joo Hyuk ( Wang Baek Ah )
Ji Soo ( Wang Jung )
Byun Baekhyun ( Wang Eun )

I guarantee you will never regret watching this kdrama ^_^ 

I rate 1000/10 

The storyline , the plot , the casts all are amazing and this drama can evenly touch deeply into your heart as if you're there . 

If you guys wanna watch this kdrama full 20 episodes with english subtitle click here !

Happy watching ! 

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  1. One eternity later....still tak tersambung

    Ending yang buat orang sedu 🤧

    1. hmm writer dia memang nk siksa kita ke hahahah...huwuu i'm not okay

  2. I couldn't really watch this the second time knowing how sad the ending was. so in order to cure this heartbreak, i'll wait until "the flower of evil" ends and hoping that they'll give us a good ending. please let it be a happy ending.

    1. Yassss that one !! I already watch a few episodes and i hope too it’ll be happy ending

    2. ikr. I'm not gonna continue and don't wanna wait for new episodes every week haha. please let them have happy ending. (i think they will hehe). I'm not really fond of the female lead (moon chae won) but for joon gi oppa, I'll watch it.

    3. omg same with me ! we stan joon gi oppa !

  3. Arghh the ending was bloody cliffhanger T_T I'm so disappointed instead of Wang So, why Hae Soo has to meet the astronomer

  4. Cerita ni best gila! tapi tulah asyik nangis je tengok and sakit hati hahhah, still waiting for season 2! ( still wishing!!)