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By nuna almond - March 16, 2020

Halo everyone ! Here i would like to share with you guys a basic skincare routine that everyone should have in their daily routine .

Skincare routine is very important especially for teenagers which are on their growth phase . Some might have breakout during this phase due to hormone changes , but don’t worry much as long as you have a complete skincare routine plus the products you used is safe and not harm your face .

Without wasting time lets start !! 🤜🏻🤛🏻

1) Facial cleanser

So , the first step is using a cleanser . This is functioned as to remove dirt and oil on your face . So that pimple will not going to pop up on your skin . cuz pimple really really love the oily condition .

Make sure the cleanser you use is suit for your skin . So , it is very important to know what your skin type is . There are 3 common types of skin ; oily skin , dry skin and combination skin ( half dry half oily ) . As for me , i have oily skin type . and i feel much better by using gel cleanser ;)

Use cleanser at least twice and not more than three times a day . cuz if you clean your face oftenly , your face will become dry . For me , i will use it one in the morning and one in the night . :D While you apply the cleanser don’t rub your face too much , instead just smoothly massage your face in circular motion . If you harshly rub your face , it will burst out the blood capillaries beneath your face .

2) Toner

After you use cleanser , get a clean towel or tissue and smoothly dap dap on your face before you applying toner . Toner is important to close the pores back after cleansing . So the dirt in the surrounding will not enter the pores and block it which can cause pimples , black head or white head .
You can use either a cotton pad or your clean hands for applying toner onto your face . Don’t rub your face !! Just dap dap okay . :D

3) Moisturizer

Next is moisturizer . It is functioned to give your face hydration so that your face will not get oily easily ( this is for oily skin ) . For the dry skin , your skin will not become dry after applying moisturizer . For oily skin like me , i suggest you guys to use gel moisturizer rather than cream moisturizer . cream texture will make your face look more oily .

4)  Sunscreen / Sunblock

The last step of basic skincare is sunscreen . Please please make sure before you go out , you must apply the right amount of sunscreen . This will help you to protect your face from UV and prevent burnt . plus you should continously apply the sunscreen after 4 hours max . Although it seems ‘leceh’ but this is very very important part of the basic skincare routine . So , please use it !

Thats all for today’s post . I hope you guys can change your daily routine by including a skincare routine too to get a healthier skin 😉

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