Covid-19 season

By nuna almond - March 14, 2020

i woke up everyday and heard the news about the most unbearable diseases all around the world these days getting higher in amount of cases...

( pic from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia )

here , i insert a current statistics for today 13 March 2020 . 

Hello everyone ! in today's post i would like to give you guys a friendly reminder to prevent this disease from spreading more , since , it was likely to give a very big impact to the world . I'm so sad that the country that i really want to go for my studies are currently having a very bad number of cases . T_T . 

plus , my graduation date also delay again due to this health problem ( i'm freakingly sad right now ) , however , we must care for our health first and foremost :)

lets move on to the friendly reminder that i want to tell about . actually , this is a very common things that everyone heard about during this Covid-19 season , but i want to remind you guys again , in case laa korang lupe ;) and maybe ade je orang yang tak ambik kisah pun dengan benda ni ...

first thing first , please elakkan berada di khalayak buat masa yang terdekat ni . this is the most important thing . if you not have any urgent or important things to do in the crowd please don't . kalau boleh musim2 penyakit ni duduk je rumah layan netflix sambil makan jajan . ^_^

secondly , make sure you bring along your hand sanitizer around . Dengar cerita hand sanitizer dah habis dekat watson . hmmm , don't worry you guys can still have it online :) and please buy the hand sanitizer that contain high percentage of alcohol so that it can destroyed the virus and germs . ok .

thirdly , if you guys still have to walk through the crowd or being in a hall full of people , please make sure you have your mask on . cause the disease can spread through airbone too . hence , it is compulsory for you to cover your mouth and face .

next , during this season , please avoid contact with people such as 'bersalam' . instead you just can bow your head when you meet people . it is still polite righttt ?? we don't know whether the person are infected , or whether they carry viruses or not . so ,, just in case ...

i think thats all , it's 1.27 a.m. right know . plus , don't forget to drink plenty of plain water !! it is very good for your health . Malaysia sekarang pun semakin panas .. so stay hydrated everyone . 

i hope you guys start taking action after read this post . we must care for our health wherever we are !

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