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By nuna almond - March 11, 2020

Hi , and hello everyone . So this is my first post for my new blog . I actually started blogging since 2011 if i not mistaken , or maybe earlier than that :D at that year , i was in standard 3 ( very young right ) then i stop blogging due to the broken computer . so i can't write anymore starting from that time . plus my sisters brought along their laptops to the universities .

So , today , in 2020 i'm already 18 years old , waiting for the letter offer . So , i came here again to start my new year with a new blog .

Excuse me for my broken english , i will not turn this blog in to a dull one so , i'm sorry if write in 'manglish' lagipun english tak strong mana hihihi .

Walaupun dah masuk bulan 3 , it still not too late right to wish you all a happy new year ! so , since dah 2020 of course every new year , everyone might have their new resolution , their new goals . Ade yang nak kurus , ade yang nak kaya , ada yang nak dapatkan straight A+ in SPM and many more . Goals ni memang kene ade bagi setiap orang sebab bila kita dah ade goals of the year , kita tahu hala tuju hidup kita , jadi hidup kita akan lagi teratur .

So , i wanna share my big picture of this year here . just for fun . :D

My biggest resolution for this year is , i want to further study in Korea !!! Ni bukan kes terjebak dengan kdrama or kpop ye . tpi terjebak dengan game show since 9 years ago , "Running Man" .
Tipu la kalu sape yg tak kenal rancangan variety paling popular dekat Korea ni . hehe . plus , i feel like i want to study there because i'm amazed with the Korean culture . ^_^ they are so nice !

                                                                 pic from ( )

So , since i came out with that resolution , i will make sure myself do the best in the interview to get the scholarship to study at Korea . please pray for me T_T

Walaupun di Korea sekarang tengah banyak kes Covid-19 , but i hope that they will heal soon . ASAP . so that i can study there peacefully .

Since now i'm old enough , i feel like i want to share so much thing with everyone and give you all some inspiration about life . kalau dulu masa darjah 3 , buat blog cerita pasal mende mengarut je.. haha :D

More to come hehe ,, stay tuned

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