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By nuna almond - March 17, 2020

Heyyo everyone !

Welcome back :)
Today , it has been > 3 months since i left my highschool . and obviously i miss all of my friends and memories that we created for the past 5 years , T_T our graduation date had been postponed again for the second time . when can i meet you guys again ...

( my cute friends )

I think high school friends gave me so much memories cuz we had spend so much time together living in the hostel ; did so much crazy things  and events together . 
Although some of them were not friendly at all , but , if i miss my friends i will miss the whole batch . ( i dono why 😭 )

Everyone had their own personalities and i miss every of them . walaupun , batch kami ni banyak buat hal bak kata cg batch paling banyak "krenoh" ( my batch name is Krenoviantz ) :D but i feel very grateful for being part of this batch . 

although we always fight between girls and boys , you know , those just gaduh-gaduh manja gitcheww . and that made us become stronger . 

its a little bit sad because we started became close to each other during the final year , so , we didn't have so much time left to spare . biasa lah awal-awal dulu semua shy shy cat ... buat hal sendiri je :p
yet the senior year really made me don't want to leave school T_T 

how fast time flies , now we will enter the next phase in uni and made new friends .
so i guess it ends here . we'll go separate ways and hope that we'll see each other somewhere in the future .

thank you for the wonderful memories in highschool life , Krenoviantz !

Thats all for today's post . Just a simple appreciation post to one of the biggest part in my life  .

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