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By nuna almond - March 12, 2020

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone !

since result spm 2019 baru je keluar minggu lepas , masih lagi fresh from oven 😆 
disini saya just nk kongsikan a few study habit that i practised during the spm year .

Alhamdulillah , for the recent spm i managed to get all As . I took 9 subjects .

Actually i’m not in the first class of form 5 sebab mase form 4 main banyak sangat , so kene turun kelas 😅 however masa form 5 i promise myself to make a comeback and alhamdulillah i nailed it in spm . 

First thing first out of my study tips is 

1) Hardworking

I’m not telling you guys that i’m a hardworking person 24/7 , however when the exam is around the corner i forced myself to study , to read the textbook , to memorize the notes . Believe me , the only key to success is just with hardwork and consistency . Ada masa kita boleh main ada masa kita kena belajar . Semua orang boleh jadi bijak cuz bijak is subjektif . Kena rajin dan paksa diri untuk study . Believe me when you get what you want , you will feel the sweetness of victory (betul ke ayat ni 😅)

2) Make up a timetable

I usually have my own timetable since form 4 . Make sure the timetable suit your style ; for me i do math or addmath in the evening and learn memorize subject such as Sejarah or Biology in the morning before you go to class . However , i’m not a morning person 😂 so , usually the morning session is cancelled and i brought it to the night session , after prep malam . Follow your time table consistently and reward yourself upon completing each session ; for example a nap ~~

3) Know your study style

For me , i’m type of night person not a morning person . Walaupun ramai orang cakap yang study pagi lagi senang masuk ( faham n ingat ) but if this do not suit yourself don’t force it . Like me . Saya pernah cuba untuk study pagi before i go to class but end up boom balik atas katil 😂 . Satu benda pun tak masuk dalam kepala . Memang pening plus ngantuk tahap gaban . So , i stop and continue study during latenight . 

So , these are the main tips that i share with you guys . and plus you have to balance the academics and your ibadah cause they compliment each other . Don’t forget the amalan sunah ; such as solat hajat , solat taubat , puasa sunat and many more . And of course you also have to jaga hubungan dengan manusia , haiwan , persekitaran . 

Pastu satu lagi kalau dah dekat2 nk spm tu , contohnya lagi 2 minggu untill the day of the last paper , pulun la betul2 memorize all the notes , the text book , the teacher saying . Because this is the highlight of the high school life 🤟🏻

I still have so much to share but i have to end up here , sebab kalau panjang2 sangat orang malas nak baca ;)

Hope you guys love my sharing , this post is not to flex my results but i just wanna share here so that everyone can benefits from it . 

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