eat your ‘maggi’ healthily

By nuna almond - March 18, 2020

dear diary ,

I write this post because I suddenly remember about my last night research about instant noodle , so i think this should be share with everyone , because sharing is caring right ?

As we know that instant noodle taste veryyy delicious , and either we have food at home or not , we still eat maggi whenever we want . Especially to those who are living in hostel ,, i feel you when suddenly you lapar tengah malam sebab stay up nk study but the only food you have just “maggi” ( every instant noodles are called maggi ) .

Even me , can’t stop my addiction towards maggi 😅 i feel you .

Here , just a simple step to eat your maggi healthily :D

1) remove the water

make sure you filter the soaking water of maggi at least once . because it has wax that make the maggi last longer , walaupun ada yg kata wax in maggi is just a myth 🤷🏻‍♀️ , but still we must berjaga-jaga je lah hehe .. kalau malas nak tapis banyak kali boleh basuh je bawah air paip sampai yakin dah bersih :p

2) cook on stove

i prefer to cook on stove , sebab rasa lagi selamat , in case there is bacteria or somewhat .

3) add vegetable and meat

Add some vegetables like spinach or carrot and meat such as chicken into the pot to balance your meal :)

4) drink plenty of plain water

After you eat your maggi , do drink plenty of water to rinse back your stomach . for me i’ll drink two glass full of plain water .

5) eat when in need

And the last one , eat maggi when you really really need it . Means , don’t consume it everyday because it takes a longer time to fully digest . at least ; once a week . the best ; once a month . lagi lagi bagus ; tak payah makan :p 😛

Actually i want to make a research that can prove maggi is not harmful , but as long i made the research , i saw so much bad things about maggi 😬 . So , why don’t we make maggi healthier !

Thats all for today .

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